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Exploring factors that affect the teaching and learning of woodwork and carpentry in Form V involving pre-vocational students at a high school Swaziland : an ethnographic case-study.

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This study sought to explore factors that affect the teaching and learning of Woodwork and Carpentry as a pre-vocational subject involving Form V students at a selected rural high school in Swaziland. The researcher adopted a qualitative approach and employed an ethnographic single case study design. The theory of classroom teaching as developed by Mitzel (1969) guided this study. The location of the study was a rural high school offering pre-vocational subjects. Purposive sampling was used to select one rural high school, selected educators, and eleven Form V participants. Semi-structured interviews, a focus group discussion, observations and document analysis were used to collect the data that were thematically analyzed. The results showed that various factors negatively affected the teaching and learning of Woodwork and Carpentry such as a lack of adequate teaching and learning resources, inadequately qualified teachers, a lack of proper infrastructure, poor and limited funding, poor parental/guardian cooperation, and limited industrial participation and government support to sustain adequate educational outcomes for this subject. Based on the findings, it is recommended that a strategy to forge partnerships with private and public concerns be established to improve funding for the Woodwork and Carpentry subject. Moreover, industrial attachments that involve both teachers and students should be considered; sufficient instructional resources such as consumable materials, reference books, tools and machinery should be provided; and appropriately qualified teachers should be employed. Finally, the teaching and learning of this subject should be supervised and monitored by qualified officials on a regular basis. Key Words: Woodwork and Carpentry, TVET, pre-vocational subject, teaching and learning.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.