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Experiences of redeployed educators to a rural school in KwaZulu-Natal.

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This small-scale study sought to investigate “The experiences of redeployed educators to a rural school in KwaZulu-Natal”. This qualitative study gathered data through the case study approach guided by the following key questions: 1. What are the understanding and experiences of these redeployed teachers regarding the redeployment process? 2. What are their perceptions and experiences regarding the new community and the environment in the new school? 3. What was the role of the education stakeholders (School Management Team, School Governing Body, Teacher Unions, Community leaders etc.) regarding the facilitation of the redeployment and adaptation of the teachers in their new environment? The study entailed interviewing and observation of educators, and analysing Posts Provision Norms certificate (PPN). The findings of the study revealed that the educators had different experiences of redeployment and had varied understandings of the Rationalisation and Redeployment Policy. It was also found that the policy-makers and the policy-implementers had not sufficiently explained to the educators involved how the policy would be of mutual benefit them. This was only a topdown process which did not involve all the people concerned (those who were to be affected by the policy). There was lack of a two-way communication. This study also showed that educators did not understand how this policy helped schools in the rural areas. It further revealed that the role of the school stakeholders was lacking in terms of assisting new educators to adapt to the new environment. In the light of the above challenges, I recommend that the policy of rationalisation and redeployment be revisited once more to ensure that everybody would see the need of its implementation. I also recommend that communication and explanation of how the policy works should be improved by involving all the stakeholders. The policy involves the human resources; therefore training of all the people involved on how the policy should be handled is very important.


Thesis (M.Ed.)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Edgewood, 2011.


Theses--Education., Employees--Relocation--KwaZulu-Natal., Education, Rural--KwaZulu-Natal.