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The attitude towards and perception of recycling in Cato Crest, Durban.

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Cato Crest is an area falling under the EThekwini Municipality, located in KwaZulu-Natal. The area has a population which constantly increases every year, since the area is located approximately 2km from the Central Business District (CBD). Waste generation and the shortage of disposal sites in the city has resulted in the EThekwini Council engaging in waste management activities, including the recycling of solid waste. Recycling is meant to save the environment by minimizing the waste that goes to the landfill. However, it has also created hope for job opportunities, which in turn resulted in many illegal dumping sites and filthy environments in Cato Crest, when people realized that recycling does not pay so much. The need for the research is based on the question: Does the Cato Crest community understand the goals and objectives of recycling? Currently the city is faced with large amounts of waste that is generated and which ends up in landfills. This has led to a shortage of landfill space. The existing landfills are reaching full capacity, which is earlier than was planned for them to reach maximum capacity. It costs millions of rand for government to put infrastructure in place for making landfills. The study aims to understand the attitude towards and perception of recycling in Cato Crest and this will assist in identifying whether or not eThekwini Municipality’s approach to recycling is in line with the goals and targets of recycling. This will help to evaluate or assess whether the Municipality’s approach is capable of meeting its goals or not, which in turn will help to identify the gaps that currently exist in recycling activities. Theoretical areas will focus on recycling and the importance and purpose thereof, the global context of recycling, recycling competences, and the role of government in recycling, and economic and political issues around recycling. The study will comprise a qualitative aspect with a mixed methodology comprising interviews and a focus group. The findings will help to identify ways to minimize illegal dumps in the area and to promote an increase in participation in recycling, as well as to determine methods for improving recycling. The study will provide insight into the contribution that the government and the eThekwini municipality in particular, should make in order to support and improve recycling.


Master of Business Administration. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban 2013.


Recycling (Waste, etc.)--South Africa--eThekwini Municipality Metropolitan., Waste minimization--South Africa--eThekwini Municipality Metropolitan., Recycling (Waste, etc.)--South Africa--eThekwini Municipality Metropolitan--Public opinion., Sanitary landfills--South Africa--eThekwini Municipality Metropolitan., Integrated solid waste management--South Africa--eThekwini Municipality Metropolitan., Theses--Business administration.