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Da'wah : Muslim women's contribution to the reconstruction of the South African society through entrepreneurial and religious efforts.

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This dissertation, "Muslim Women's contribution to the reconstruction of the South African Society through entrepreneurial and religious efforts", is to place on the South African agenda an understanding and appreciation of unsung heroines. Changes at grassroots level by a marginalised group always have profound impact on society. What is it to be a woman, committed to a way of life, engaged in transmitting a set of values related thereto, empowering other women and living as a minority in a patriarchal society that is undergoing rapid socio-political transformation and being an integral part of it? As Muslim women, the ummah (Muslim community) is directed by male interpretations of the Islamic text. What are women's responses to a worldview imposed on them? All these are different challenges, each in itself a marginalized component. The aim is to identify Muslim women and their contribution through da'wah to the reconstruction of the South African society within these challenges. The research participants are not Islamic scholars; their methodologies are not traditional and narrow but embedded in the humanistic ideals and ethics of the Qur'an and the authentic Sunnah. Their da'wah work includes instilling self worth, spiritual and family values, socio-economic intervention and economic empowerment. Their contributions have been significant and profound in a nascent democracy. To get a "glimpse" into their lives and arduous activities it was necessary to hear their voices; to let them speak. Qualitative research methodology through narratives and life history in context was used. Allah did not create one voice for humankind but many voices for one humankind and through diversity expects people to exercise their freedom to live in unity. One can see, feel and verify this as it resonates through the work of each daiyah.


Thesis (Ph.D.)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, 2006.


Women in Islam., Theses--Religion.