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Functioning of the Kwa-Zulu Natal Joint Executive Authority : a generic administrative analysis.

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This study was concerned with the analysis of the JEA using the generic view of public administration. It comprised of the study of reading material on the JEA, Kwa-Zulu Natal Indaba, Buthelezi Commission, NPA and Kwa-Zulu, and interviews held with public officials of JEA, NPA and Kwa-Zulu. The results revealed that JEA is not a usual regional administration with identified land of its own, However , in its unique position of being a part of two separate regional administrations, it is a fully fledged public institution endowed with all activities of public administration, namely: functional activities, generic administrative processes, auxiliary functions, and intra-generical phenomena. Most of all, the study revealed that in its unique position, JEA is a second phase in a process where the third and last phase is a strong single regional administration in Region E. To pave the way for this final phase the recommendations urge the JEA: * to broaden the Ministers' Forum to include three "own affairs" Ministers who , if still existing, will be affected by the move to a strong single administration in this region; to be pro-active in bringing closer liaison rendering similar functions among in the region * to include research into a Future strong single regional administration as one of the JEA goals; * to gear the secretariat to the Ministers' Forum to undertake this research ; * to finance the research From the Joint Revenue Fund or to approach both the Republic and Treasury and Kwa -Zulu Treasury to authorise over-spending on research ; and * in filling the remaining vacant: posts, to consider public officials knowledgeabIe in research work * to streamline existing procedures of different regional administrations in order to determine uniform procedures best suited for a strong single regional administration of the future in Region E.


Thesis (MPA)-University of Durban-Westville, Durban, 1993.


Local government--Administration--KwaZulu-Natal., Theses--Public administration.