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Local economic development as an employment strategy in eMkhazeni rural area (ward 21), Ulundi Municipality.

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This research study aims to evaluate the LED strategy as an employment strategy in eMkhazane rural area (Ward 21), Ulundi Municipality. In South Africa unemployment is a perpetual challenge, especially to those who reside in the former homelands. The escalation of poverty in South Africa is due to the legacy of apartheid and post-apartheid adoption of new liberal policies. The study revealed that the weakness of LED strategy lies in the municipality budget, lack of local skills and knowledge. The strength of Local Economic Development Strategy towards employment; public-private partnerships has been identified as a bridge to fill the gap between the LED and unemployment. The LED can be improved by encouraging public-private partnerships by means of inviting local government and stakeholders to bring about Local Economic Development. Partnering with private sectors has been recognised as a potential drive because the private sector can be able to hold big projects that can hold a larger capacity of public participation in projects to achieve an inclusive and successful LED strategy.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.