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Management and development of cricket in South Africa with special reference to Natal.

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The purpose of this study is to evaluate the management and development of cricket in South Africa with particular reference to Natal. The objectives of this evaluation included Highlighting the period of cricket prior to unification; Describing the unification process and the conditions necessary for unity; and Evaluation of the development programmes at national and provincial levels. The extensive area of investigation and the vastness of the area of study, restricts this research to specific aspects that are pertinent to the topic. The objectives of the study therefore focus on the following : To provide a theoretical foundation and analysis of administration, organisation and structure, and development, in order to establish whether the current situation did in fact meet with the objectives of the unification process; To investigate the effects of the apartheid policy on sport in South Africa; and To provide a critical appraisal of existing development programmes in order to enhance the knowledge and literature-base of cricket administration in South Africa. Within the framework of this research, and the theoretical foundations of cricket administration and development, the effects of the government's policy of "Apartheid", the emergence of the non-racial sports struggle, the unification process, and the structure of cricket with particular emphasis on the development programmes both at national and provincial levels, are discussed. The conclusion, which draws inferences from each chapter, provides certain recommendations pertaining to the following: The establishment of a National Sports Coordinating Body; The development of a National Development Policy; The establishment of a National Development Fund; The Development of Talented Players; The Development of Officials; The Development of Clubs; The Provision of Facilities; The establishment of School Cricket Unification; and Control and Accountability. It is hoped that the recommendations and suggestions made address some aspects of the various issues raised about the unification process in cricket in South Africa.


Thesis (Ph.D.)-University of Durban-Westville, Durban, 1993.


Theses--Public administration., Cricket--South Africa--History., Discrimination in sports--South Africa., Sports and state--South Africa., Apartheid--South Africa., South Africa--Race relations., Race discrimination.