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A case study of a workplace training programme and how it relates to the national qualifications framework and skills development.

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This is a qualitative case study which encompasses a thick description of an organization's workplace training programme and how it relates to the National Qualifications Framework and Skills Development. The organization in question is Imana Foods (Pty) Ltd. The purpose of conducting this particular study is to take a close look at the workplace training programme of a particular organization and to see how it has embraced the implementation of new legislative acts such as the South African Qualifications Authority Act, the Skills Development Act, the Skills Development Levies Act, and the Employment Equity Act into its education and training policy . These legislative acts are interrelated in the sense that they have one very significant common goal, and that is to improve the South African economy. By implementing these acts, the government hopes to increase the amount of skilled labour, which in turn should lead to better job opportunities for those employees who already have jobs, and also to promote education and training to those people who are unemployed. The government hopes to keep a watchful eye on the labour market with the intention of providing training in the areas where there is a shortage of skills. My intention for wanting to examine the workplace training programme of a single organization is to determine whether or not the training programme under study is serving its purpose which is to provide equal opportunity for all the employees within the organization.


Thesis (M.Ed.)-University of Natal, Durban, 2002.


Employees--Training of--South Africa., Vocational education--South Africa., Food industry and trade--Employees--Training of., Theses--Adult education., National Qualifications Framework (South Africa)