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Change management : a driver for effective leadership.

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The objective of this thesis is to identify and recommend leadership styles and strategies for Kingsway Hospital within the Netcare Group corporate culture to re-dress the unacceptable leadership style currently in operation, a declining business life cycle and a potential threat to financial sustainability. The thesis commences with an in depth discussion of the various leadership theories in context; starting from the rudimentary and culminating in the sophisticated Hersey and Blanchard Situational Behavior theories. Interestingly, the basic leadership dimensions have been retained throughout the years by the different theorists, with each subsequent theorist expanding on the original leadership qualities. This chapter concludes with the author's composite model of leadership, resulting in effective leadership, underpinned by corporate culture. The case study situation is described in detail, using the same criteria as the author's composite model of leadership. The core issue is the current Hospital General Manager's leadership, his behavior and action within the work environment. Two organizational strategies were identified in the case study; albeit they were not being currently implemented. Evaluation of the theory and case study led to the conclusion that are gaps between the current incumbent's skills and the composite model of leadership, posing a potential internal as well as external threat and lost opportunities for Kingsway Hospital. The internal threat is of a human nature; high staff turnover and the external threat could result in potential lost opportunities, patients and competitor threat. The two strategies identified will be presented as the core strategies relevant to Kingsway Hospital. Finally, the recommendations will be given after having completed an in depth evaluation of the case study, identification of the core strategies and assessing the benefits. Most of the recommendations are for immediate implementation, while some span over short to medium term. The recommendations are geared towards retaining the current Hospital General Manager, but with a changed leadership style. However, if there is no change in the status quo, the worst case scenario will be to transfer the Hospital General Manager to a position that does not involve a high degree of people interaction, as is the current situation. Clearly, from this case study, the recommendations contained in this thesis are to be implemented as a matter of urgency to ensure stability, sustainability, continuity and finding a resolution to the problem statement. If staff is the assets of the Netcare Group, then immediate action is necessary to protect them.


Thesis (MBA)-University of Natal, 2003.


Management--Netcare Group., Theses--Business administration., Kingsway Hospital--Netcare Group.