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Measuring service encounter quality : an analysis of Vodacom Lesotho.

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In today's globalised market, quality and productivity are essential for the survival and growth of any organisation. For service companies, the encounters between customers and company employees are a critical component of this service quality. These factors depend on the successful attraction and retention of customers. The customer has therefore become the focus for any successful business. Business success depends on organisat ions understanding and meeting customers ' expectations and demands. This study measures the dimensions of service encounters as perceived by customers of Vodacom Lesotho. The current level of service encounter quality and satisfact ion is measured for Vodacom Lesotho customers who use the company's contact centres (popularly known as Vodashops). The study reveals that customers are very keen to be involved in service improvement programs . Empirical testing identified that although the quality of network coverage is not part of the service encounter, it is very important in the customer satisfaction with the service encounter . This study has developed the following recommendations that will ensure the improvement of service encounters at Vodacom Lesotho: • Vodacom Lesotho needs to involve customers in their service design processes . • Front-line employees should be hired on their abilities to perform customer service encounters and they should continuously receive relevant training . • Customers need to be educated about the services offered by Vodacom Lesotho. The results of this study have supported the objectives of this study and it can be concluded that Vodacom Lesotho needs to improve service quality to ensure customer satisfaction .


Thesis (MBA)-University of Natal, 2003.


Theses--Business administration., Customer services--Lesotho., Customer services--Evaluation., Cell phone services industry--Lesotho--Customer services.