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Continual business strategy regeneration.

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During the last century business strategy has been the focus point for many corporations. Industry has grown exponentially and competition has evolved from traditional to nonconventional boundaries. In this age of high technological advances, globalisation and boarder-less markets, the 5 Forces acting on firms within an industry as best explained by Michael Porter, can threaten the livelihood and survival of a business unless they are carefully managed and pre-empted actions are taken. The subject on the what-to-do part of the strategy has been exhausted by many writers, strategists and business consultants. What organisations have realised over the years is that not only is it important to choose a winning strategy, but the manner in which the strategy is implemented is crucially important. A third dimension essential to the successful implementation of a strategy is the ongoing nature and renewal cycles necessary to run the strategy planning process successfully. Business theorists have commonly cited the fact that successful strategies are iv ongomg m nature and need to be regenerated on a continual basis. This is a time-consuming and expensive exercise and has led some organisations to sticking to the orthodox 'start-stop' 5yearly strategy planning processes. This research dissertation presupposes the fact that if strategy is executed in a continual regeneration principle, the organisation gains the ability to respond timeously with fresh strategies as the dictated by the environment. PPC Cement, a premium cement manufacturer and distributor, is also facing the need to streamline its resources towards successful strategy implementation and has a vested interest in unlocking the mystery surrounding the ongoing nature of business strategy. This research dissertation sets the tone m supplying valuable information necessary to companies like PPC Cement m order to make informed decision on whether on not to pursue continual business strategy regeneration, and most importantly - how to?


Thesis (MBA)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, 2004.


Management--Reengineering., Theses--Business administration.