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Working capital management in hyper-inflationary economies : a case of Zimbabwe.

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The challenge to virtually all businesses is to ensure viability in increasingly changing operating environments. This challenge becomes more pronounced when the operating environment is one that rapidly deteriorates to a level where survival becomes the focal point. A hyperinflationary environment is one such environment which renders some common business processes and models death traps which can lead to insolvency. Under hyperinflationary environments, working capital management becomes of paramount importance to the survival of business operations. This dissertation attempts to highlight the key characteristics of a hyperinflationary environment which, if not closely managed, can lead to the demise of a business no matter how good its strategic plans or technological assets may be. In order to highlight these key elements, this dissertation covers a review of hyperinflation aspects and their impact on working capital management components. This impact is further analysed through extraction of financial performances of various companies to establish validity of these aspects and how best they can be managed. In addition, a survey is conducted through the administration of a questionnaire to establish the impact on the various working capital components. This dissertation ends by suggesting an adjustment to the working capital management model to suit business operations in hyperinflationary environments. The result is not an attempt to create new models or theories but in essence, a confirmation of the need for flexible management that timeously adapts to the changing environment.


Thesis (MBA)-University of KwaZlu Natal, 2006.


Working capital., Inflation (Finance), Inflation (Finance)--Zimbabwe., Theses--Business administration.