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The role of school safety and security committees in the welfare of learners in combined schools.

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This study is focused on the role of school safety and security committees (SSSCs) in the welfare of learners. A case study was conducted in two combined schools in the King Cetshwayo District of Northern KwaZulu-Natal. The aim of the study was to investigate SSSCs to understand the factors influencing them in executing their roles and strategies for improving their performance. A qualitative study within an interpretive paradigm was conducted. The data-generation instruments included focus group interviews and document analysis. Research participants were purposefully selected. Data were analysed through a thematic approach. The findings indicate that the majority of SSSC members understood their roles but challenges remained. Some of the challenges included financial constraints to buy security facilities such as metal and drug detectors. Participants were of the opinion that SSSC members must be compensated for the work they do. Another view was that private security companies must be hired. Based on the findings, continuous support workshops, employment of private security companies, and the production of isiZulu versions of policy documents are recommended.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.