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The impact of corporate social responsibility on employee engagement.

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The purpose for this study was to assess the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on Employee Engagement (EE) in the State Owned Company, Eskom, Specifically, it examines the impact of three CSR dimensions namely, awareness, involvement and environmental and the two dimensions of EE, namely, Job Engagement (JE) and Organizational Engagement (OE). Methodology approach; This study was conducted through a quantitative method of primary and secondary data such as questionnaires, theoretical frameworks and academic literature. Nonprobability sampling method was used. The study was tested on 380 Eskom employees. Findings; organizational leaders are eager to implement CSR strategies in the organizations. The present study revealed realistic and practical practises to broaden understanding the current status of the organization, understanding EE and understanding the role CSR could play as a potential Human Resources (HR) tool to engage employees. Presentation of results and analysis of the study based on collected questionnaires that indicated a significant relationship between the two variables, CSR and EE. Implications/originality/value; the current study made a significant contribution and extension to the knowledge regarding the impact of CSR on employee behavioural outcomes. This study adds on the calls by many researchers for more future researches that will address the relationship between CSR initiatives and EE in other industries.


MBA University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban 2013.


Eskom (Firm), Social responsibility of business--South Africa., Government business enterprises--South Africa., Job satisfaction--South Africa., Theses--Business administration.