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An examination of the progression towards no-fault motor vehicle insurance, with particular reference to the Republic of South Africa.

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At present in South Africa, personal compensation in relation to motor vehicle accidents is firmly based on the delictual principle of 'fault'. This gives rise to a number of questions: Is this the system best suited to the realities of the motor vehicle and its accident-causing potential in modern society? Are the interests of society best served by a system of compensation based on fault? Is this the optimum system for the handling of the vast number of claims arising out of motor vehicle accidents? Are there alternative workable schemes which could be introduced? To these questions the writer addresses herself in this thesis. By no means will this thesis answer all the intricate and complex questions involved in the fault vs. no-fault debate. However, it is hoped that what follows will contribute to a better understanding of the basic issues involved and will facilitate further discussion with a view to improving the lot of the motor vehicle accident victim.


Thesis (LL.M.)-University of Natal, Durban, 1986.


Insurance, Automobile--Law and legislation--South Africa., Theses--Law.