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Evangelization by Pentecostals among the poor and marginalized Pedi communities in the Limpopo province : a critical survey of their performance in the light of comprehensive redemption.

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Pentecostalism is well known for its active involvement in evangelism. But it is true to say as well that questions have been asked about the social upliftment dimension of the Pentecostal mission. This study will focus on the Assemblies of God church. The main reason for this is that, of all the Pentecostal churches in South Africa, the Assemblies of God has probably had the biggest impact in the rural black communities. To undertake the study I will do the following: • Outline the problem that necessitated commencement of this study, formulate hypotheses and identify methods of research in this first chapter. • Attempt, in chapter two, to outline the historical background of the Pentecostal mission in general and the AOG in particular, describing its theology and evangelism and their impact on the socio-political situation in South Africa. • Conduct in-depth Case Studies, in chapter three, of a range of individuals who are converts of the AOG mission. • The fourth chapter will ask whether the Redemption and lift hypothesis throws any light on the study. • The last chapter will consider how other theological models consider the issue of mission.


Thesis (M.A.)-University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 2003.


Evangelistic work--Limpopo Province., Pedi (African People)--Religion., Assemblies of God--Limpopo Province., Theses--Theology.