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A study on performance management at public TVET colleges around Durban, South Africa

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There is a need to realise the benefits of Performance Management System in an organisation and how it can assist an organization achieve its effectiveness. When implemented effectively Performance Management can yield high organisational performance that can assist organizations realise increased output. This study has evaluated Performance Management at two public TVET Colleges around the City of Durban (Elangeni TVET College and Ethekwini TVET College), and how they could use Performance Management System to realise organizational efficiency. The study has aimed at addressing issues of Performance Management in these Colleges. The objectives of this study focused mainly on assessing effectiveness of performance management within the two public TVET Colleges around Durban. The study further aimed at ensuring that there is a link between actual performance and the expected performance within the Colleges. The view is that when this is achieved, a high performance culture within Colleges will be built resulting in increased results and output. The study has also provided an overview of the broad field of Performance Management System with a specific focus on how can performance management can be used as management tools that will assist Durban TVET Colleges improve performance. The benefit for the effective implementation of performance management would be that not only Colleges would increase results and output, but they would be able to identify needed developmental areas for employees, and informing strategic decision making with regards to Human Resource Development budgets. The data used for this study was collected from policy documents and legislation relating to performance management in the public sector as well as in the education sector. Secondary data used was collected from published research studies on IQMS, journals, articles, reports and books relating to implementation of relevant policy, evaluation and performance management. This study has adopted a qualitative method approach, which has used structured interviews to collect data from respondents. For this study the researcher conducted interviews with Senior Management, as well as Academic Managers of two TVET Colleges.


Master’s degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.