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The outcomes(competencies) of the students studying for computer literacy at UniSchool.

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Now, it is a time for me to take a journey to share my Computer Literacy experience with readers. After extensive reading and hard work, I have discovered new information about Computer Literacy course offered by different institutions. As a result of this study, which focuses on outcomes (competencies) of Computer Literacy course offered by UniSchool, my experience (knowledge & skills) has been developed. Such experience has been developed in terms of outcomes (types), computer hardware & software, computer users, computer language and method of teaching. All these areas are covered in this report. Other areas, which are also covered, are computer viruses, categories of computers, brief history of computers and purpose of the study. The order in which these areas are presented is as follows: The first part (chapter 1) covers the statement of purpose, critical questions, rationale of the study, outcome definitions, other concepts of outcome, research method together with approach and methods of gathering data as well as theoretical framework. The second part (chapter 2) covers computer definitions, history of computer, types of computer, major components of computer (hardware, software & users) and computer literacy. The hardware part covers Input, processing, storage, output and other devices. The software part covers Operating system, application programs, development / programming software and utility software. The third part (chapter 3) covers the methods of teachings The last parts (chapter 4, 5 & 6) cover research methodology, data analysis, conclusion, recommendations and limitations. Therefore, for the details of these parts the readers will simple read each chapter of this report.


Thesis (M.Ed.)-University of Durban-Westville, 2001.


Computer literacy., Theses--Education., Computers., Educational technology., Competency-based education.