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An evaluation of the teaching strategies of an adult educator.

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This research is a case study. The study investigates the teaching strategies currently utilized in the adult education classroom; ascertains the reasons for the use of such strategies and recommends teaching strategies that could be used in order to improve instruction. The research was conducted at an adult learning centre. In pursuit of his objectives, the researcher aimed to answer the following key questions: • What teaching strategies are currently being utilized in the classroom? • How effective are these teaching strategies in meeting the learning needs of the adult learners? • How do these teaching strategies relate to existing literature? Data was collected primarily by engaging in the observation of actual teaching in the classroom. Structured interviews were conducted with the educator and learners concerned in order to confirm the classroom observation findings. Although the findings from this study are problematic to generalize, the findings will give us a better understanding of teaching strategies. This understanding could be useful to: • Educators of adult learners with a view to improving their practice. • Researchers in the field of education. • Textbook writers and curriculum development specialists. • National and regional policymakers. • Anyone who has an interest in education. This study is guided by the theory of andragogy as expounded by Knowles. This theory is relevant because it informed the study as to how best teaching and learning of adults can be undertaken. Findings from this study reveal that the teaching strategy most frequently used are the mass instruction strategies. The lecture method is most frequently used. This method is made interactive with the incorporation of discussions, recitations and the use of questioning. Individual instruction and group instruction strategies are used to a limited extent.


Thesis (M.Ed.) - University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 2007.


Adult education--Study and teaching., Theses--Adult education., Theses--Adult education., Adult education--Study and teaching.