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Evaluating the leadership development within Eskom.

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This study focused on investigating the effectiveness of the Leadership Development Programme within Eskom in Kwa-Zulu Natal and how the programme is currently being evaluated by the organizations utilizing it. It examined the critical success factors of a leadership development programme with the aim of coming up with recommendations going forward and whether it can be recommended for other companies to make use of for future use. It also looked at how facilitators acquire their skills to become facilitators of the programme. The aim of the study was to interrogate the adopted Eskom leadership development processes whether since the implementation it has resulted in the effectiveness of the programme or not. If the employees where benefiting from the programme or not. The objectives of the study included to evaluate the effectiveness of the Leadership development programme and whether the Programme evaluation process was also efficient. Also focused on the critical success factors in Leadership Development Programme implementation. Quantitative research method was chosen for the design of the study and it included the use of software package called QuestionPro. The participants were sent the questionnaire by email and were expected to answer it online and email it back. A total of 57 participants completed the online survey questionnaire. Of which only 54 completed the questionnaire completely. Findings indicate that most of the participants responded positively to all the questions asked in connection with how they felt with the leadership development programme personally as individuals in helping them grow and what the exposure of the programme has unveiled for them. They explained that the programme enhanced their skills in managing personal energy, and the action learning process also to take accountability for their own learning which indicated the advantage to introduce the programme and investing in it as the desired results are working out for both the company and the employee. The participants further explained that in executing their different roles in the company, They are making use of ideas, concepts and models that they got exposed to in the three month LDP, and the LDP has enhanced their skills in building self-leadership capability. This implies that LDP programme is very much effective and helpful and that it can be recommended for other companies to utilize for future use.


Masters degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.