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Employee attitudes to the performance-management system of a consulting engineering company.

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In today’s globalised business world characterised by a high level of competition and unstable markets, businesses are called upon to utilise their resources in the most effective and efficient manner in order to survive. It has become critical for businesses to monitor their employees’ performance and constantly to develop and train employees in order to eliminate inefficiencies and improve productivity to remain competitive in the global market. In this respect, performance management has come to play an indispensable role in helping organisations reach their productivity goals. However, research indicates that many organisations have failed to implement and maintain effective performance-management systems owing to employees’ negative attitudes towards performance-management practices. The aim of this study is to determine employees’ attitudes towards the performance-management system at Kantey & Templer Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd. A quantitative study was conducted to obtain a holistic understanding of employee attitudes towards the performance management system. The sample of participants was made up of employees at different levels within the organisation. An electronic questionnaire was formulated to answer the research objectives, was distributed by electronic mail. Some of the key findings from the study indicated that performance management review outcomes are very subjective; the performance management system is not fully implemented; there is inconsistent implementation of performance management amongst different departments; and lack of managers’ involvement in implementing the performance management system. Some of the recommendations made include the use of 360° Feedback appraisal for employee performance evaluation; keeping up-to-date job profiles outlining the roles and responsibilities and performance measurements in order to make sure that employees are aware of performance measurements and performance criteria used during performance reviews to reduce subjectivity. Due to the paucity of academic literature, it was difficult to compare the findings of this study with previous research.


Master of Business Administration. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville 2014.


Performance standards., Performance--Management--Attitudes., Performance--Measurement--Attitudes., Theses--Business administration., Employees--Rating of.