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Pre-service teachers’ understandings of teaching measurement as mathematics component in foundation phase.

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Teaching measurement as one of mathematical components in Foundation Phase classrooms is significant. Different studies conducted discovered that pre-service teachers should possess Mathematical Content Knowledge for the effective teaching of measurement. This could be achieved through using measurement tools in order to understand non-standard and standard measurement units or instruments. It was in this context that this study aimed to explore pre- service teachers’ knowledge of teaching measurement in Foundation Phase classrooms. This study was conducted in one of the previously disadvantage university located in a rural context of Kwa-Zulu-Natal. This university is known for training preservice teachers from Quintile 1 and 2 who are coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. The study adopted a qualitative research approach where a case study methodological design was used. Ten pre-service teachers enrolled for Bachelor of Education degree and specialising in Foundation Phase teaching were purposively and conveniently sampled. This study approved an interpretive paradigm in order to understand how the participants interpreted their world their lives. Data was generated by using the semi- structured interview and questionnaire. Document analysis was also used in order to comprehend how the participants understand the teaching of measurement in Foundation Phase. The findings revealed that pre-service teachers are struggling to teach measurement in the FP classrooms during their teaching practicum. Various motives were realised to be contributory to these struggles. The study’s findings revealed that these pre- service teachers lacked pedagogical content knowledge of teaching measurement as a mathematics component. Subsequent to that, they failed to effectively use the measurement tools for teaching Foundation Phase learners because they lack knowledge of this content area when undergoing their training as teachers.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.