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Employee perceptions of performance management at Peoples Bank South Africa.

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This study examines the perceptions of the employees of Peoples Bank towards Performance Management. The subjects were 190 non-managers and 46 managers selected from Peoples Bank branches nationally, and from Head Office. All 236 of the voluntary participants completed a mixed-model questionnaire requiring qualitative and quantitative data, where the quantitative data was measured using a Likert Scale. The approach taken to make sense of the data involved the use of descriptive statistics. From the responses received, histograms were prepared reflecting the respondents' views in relation to each question. There is a strong correlation between what the various experts say should be included in a Performance Management System and what the employees of Peoples Bank want included. It is conclusive that employees want a system that is fair and objective; they want to be given regular feedback on their performance; they want to be appraised on measurable criteria and they want to have a say in setting their performance goals. They also want to be trained and developed and, finally, they want to be rewarded in accordance with their performance. The implication is that Peoples Bank will need to re-visit its current Performance Management System to ensure that due consideration is given to employee views for the system to achieve its objectives whilst maintaining its credibility.


Thesis (MBA)-University of Natal, Durban, 2003.


Performance--Evaluation., Peoples Bank., Theses--Business administration., Bank management--South Africa--Evaluation.