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Subject advisors' reflections of the supervision of Grade 3 mathematics CAPS implementation in Mpumalanga Province.

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Despite the Department of Education‘s introduction of Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) for implementation since 2012; underperformance and low attainment of South African learners in Mathematics across some Grades (Grade 3- 12) of schooling continue to be a matter concern for government. To support proper implementation and to monitor whether the intended curriculum is meeting its aims and objectives, government has put systems in place for this purpose. As one of their core duties, SAs are to supervise (monitor) and support curriculum implementation in all the subjects offered in all phases of schooling. This action research was aimed at exploring 8 Foundation Phase SAs reflections of their supervision of Grade 3 Mathematics CAPS implementation in Mpumalanga Province. Data was generated in two phases using reflective activities, one- on- one semi- structured interviews and focus group discussion. Guided data analysis, using the ten themes of the curricular spider web was used as a framework for analysis. Findings revealed that supervision alone does not have any developmental benefit to educators. The data analysis findings therefore indicate that a grounded rationale for supervision, backed by continuous critical reflections of SAs will be a very strong foundation for SAs to improve their supervision practice. The study also established that SAs are aware of the aims of the CAPS and also the aims and objectives of the foundation Phase Mathematics curriculum, but they cannot classify that these are objectives or outcomes as CAPS did not identify them as such. The main conclusions drawn from this research were that Curriculum aims and objectives should be clearly stated in simple understandable language in the CAPS documents. SAs also need to conscientise educators about curriculum aims and objectives, and also encourage them to set clear lesson outcomes which will help them to meet curriculum objectives and improve performance.


Master of Education in Curriculum Studies. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Edgewood 2016.


Mathematics -- Curricula -- South Africa -- Mpumalanga., Curriculum evaluation -- South Africa -- Mpumalanga., Low-performing schools -- South Africa -- Mpumalanga., Elementary school counselors -- South Africa -- Mpumalanga., Theses -- Education., Subject advisors., Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS)