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Impact of recognition on retention of good talent in the workplace.

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It is a global trend that organisations are now looking for competent employees that will add value, coming with extensive experience and right qualifications. The competitive advantage that is in the global space has made it difficult to retain good talent as everybody is ready to pouch the talent. What has been the defining fact to most successful organisations has been the level of retaining their employees which speaks to happiness of employees ranging from the culture of the organisation, salary they are being paid, the level of recognising the employees, organisational values that speak to good ethics and morals in producing and getting the product to the market physically or in the form of a service. This research was done on the staff members of UKZN in the Sports Administration Department who serve as a support structure to the students and thus ensuring that they achieve positive results academically and also are provided a platform to showcase their talent Provincially, Nationally and Internationally. The survey was conducted by the employees of University Of KwaZulu-Natal using a questionnaire which was sent electronically to the employees who have access to the computers. Employees who do not have access to the computers were given printed hardcopies to respond to. This was done because of the measured amount of people who used to speak about low morale and lack of motivation to do more for the organisation. It was then found that the employer needs to come up with strategies to motivate employees and recognise their input and make them feel to be part of assets of the organisation. It was recommended that the organisation increases the salary packages and introduces the succession plan of the organisation.


Master’s Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.