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Exploring grade 11 learners’ use of the geogebra programme when learning euclidean geometry.

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The GeoGebra programme is a free computer application programme that provides an algebra view, Geometry view, spreadsheet view and an input bar. This study explored how the GeoGebra programme contributed to learners’ learning and understanding of Euclidean Geometry. The research focused on participants’ experiences as they used the GeoGebra programme to support their understanding of Euclidean Geometry. It highlighted learners’ perspectives on the role of the GeoGebra programme in supporting an exploration of Euclidean Geometry in particular and mathematical ideas in general. The focus of the study was to explore the way in which the GeoGebra programme is used, as a learning tool and mediating artefact in the learning of Euclidean Geometry in Grade 11 Mathematics. This study also aimed to explore learners’ experiences and perceptions when the GeoGebra programme is used to support the learning of Grade 11 Euclidean Geometry. The main research questions that guided this study focused on how learners used the GeoGebra programme Euclidean Geometry to support their understanding and why the GeoGebra programme is used in the way that it is when learning Grade 11 Euclidean Geometry. The study is rooted within a Constructivist view of learning and mediated learning and the approach used is a case study. The research was carried out in a public school that involved 16 learners. Data was generated by using tasks, lesson observations and interviews. Based on a qualitative analysis of the data generated, the findings indicate that the introduction of the GeoGebra programme did have an influence on the learning practice in three dimensions, namely: (1) the GeoGebra programme provided a medium for visualisation that linked the development of mathematical ideas and concepts through computer-based learning, (2) the GeoGebra programme created an independent constructive learning environment and (3) the utilisation of the GeoGebra programme as a learning tool enhanced learners’ conceptual understanding of Euclidean Geometry understanding.


Masters Degree. University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Durban.