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The importance of internal corporate communication : a perspective of Durban employees.

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The focus of this study revolved around the importance of internal corporate communication to employees within Durban organisations. The research objectives were to measure the importance of internal corporate communication to employees within Durban organisations; ascertain the reasons why employees attributed the identified levels of importance to internal corporate communication; and identify the methods of internal corporate communication that were most preferred by Durban employees. The study analysed the data received from 165 respondents, who as a prerequisite, were employed within the Durban area. The sample was attained with the use of the snowballing sampling technique. A self-completion questionnaire, which was quantitative in nature, was distributed to the participants and a two week data collection period was allotted. The collected data was analysed using SPSS statistical software, the results of which revealed that internal corporate communication was of significant importance to Durban employees. It further revealed that there was a direct relationship between a manager’s communication skills and the confidence that subordinates place in the manager. Other positive relationships that evidently existed were between internal corporate communication and job performance; internal corporate communication and employee decision making ability; and internal corporate communication and team work. The findings revealed that by improving the effectiveness of the communication, employers would be able to improve employee morale, commitment, job performance and decision making. The research further revealed that email, face-to-face communication, and the sms were the most preferred mediums for internal corporate communication.


Thesis (MBA)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville, 2011.


Communication in personnel management., Theses--Business administration.