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A case study analysis of UEC Technologies (PTY) Limited with a focus on the growth strategies adopted.

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This dissertation is a focused qualitative case study analysis of UEC Technologies (Pty) Limited (UEC). UEC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the JSE listed telecommunications, multimedia and technology (TMT) group, Allied Technologies Limited (Altech). UEC is the only South African based TV set-top box (STB) developer and manufacturer. The focus of the case study analysis centres around UEC's strategies of growth and globalisation in the global set-top box industry. The research took the form of a qualitative case study based on in-depth personal interviews with key decision-makers at UEC. The research was supported by a detailed study of secondary data relating to the STB industry as well as documentation prepared specifically for UEC relating to its business practice and business methodology. The case study focused particularly on the concentric diversification strategy adopted by UEC. This strategy was analysed with specific reference to the acquisition process followed by UEC during the negotiations with Zenith Network Systems (ZNS), a division of the American electronics giant, Zenith. The research culminates in the formulation of a company-specific analysis model (figure 4.1) which is proposed to be used by UEC when analysing future potential acquisitions. This company specific analysis model takes into account the current academic theoretical stance on both growth and globalisation strategy while fine tuning the process by adopting the specific requirements for both the STB industry and UEC's current business position. The aim of this model is to analyse potential concentric diversification growth opportunities by analysing elements of the spheres of industry environment, operating environment and internal environment. The industry environment is influenced by the barriers to entry into the industry and the size of the market and industry. The operating environment is influenced by globalisation and the need for growth. The internal environment is influenced by access to new markets and clients as well as the need for new technologies and products. The research dissertation culminates in a discussion of the model and the design, as well as an evaluation thereof. The discussion in regard to the model concludes that the model is in line with current academic as well as strategic thinking. Furthermore that the model is meticulously designed to cater for UEC's unique requirements and the specific requirements of the STB industry. In conclusion to the dissertation, it is postulated that the model would be of considerable benefit to UEC when analysing future acquisition opportunities. The model is an ideal analytical tool as its elements are made up from corporate strategy, has been crafted to align with UEC's specific requirements. This model provides a formal framework for assessing acquisitions and thus enabling UEC to compare multiple potential acquisitions against a fixed criteria model.


Thesis (MBA)-University of Natal, Durban, 2001.


Mergers and acquisitions., Consolidation and merger of corporations., Theses--Business administration.