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Designing a co-operative strategy for quality fish exporting.

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Exports of Eritrean fishery products, for which the European Union is the largest market, has an important share in the socio-economic development of the country. It is very important to earn foreign currency and provide employment opportunities by encouraging local and foreign investors in the sector. The export of fish from Eritrea mainly targets markets of developed nations where food quality and safety standards are increasing rapidly. During the last decade there has been more focus on the application of more stringent quality and safety regulations according to international norms. This paper investigates the determinants of quality in global fish businesses. The paper provides an overview of all the factors that characterize international fish market regulations with special emphasis given to the EU markets. It also investigates the general quality and safety policies of the Eritrean Marine Products Company (EMPC). The paper findings show that the EMPC face some difficulties that may hinder its competitiveness in the global fish market. The paper examines the activities and resources of the three actors, that is the EMPC, European Union Inspectors and Fish Inspection and Quality Control Division, which have a significant contribution to the quality of fish exported from Eritrea. The impact of cooperative strategy or the networking model among the three actors to quality fish exporting from the country is investigated. The study supports the formation of cooperative strategy among these actors in that it is positively related to the export performance of the processing firms with higher compliance to standards.


Thesis (MBA)-University of Natal, Durban, 2003.


Foreign enterprises., Exporting., Theses--Business administration.