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The integration of human resource management issues in strategic planning; : an exploratory study of the South African National Roads Agency Limited.

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Human Resources (HR) is always toted as being an important element in any organisation, yet this contribution is frequently taken for granted. The HR Executive and Division are expected to react to the instructions of senior management, regarding plans for the organisation, by providing the human resources to achieve these strategies. History and literature are proving that this type of relationship is not conducive to the attainment of goals and objectives. HR input must form a part of the strategic planning process and HR Management must be seen as strategic partner rather than its current supportive subservient role. In SANRAL much emphasis is placed on its human resources and how it intends achieving its goals through these resources. This study aimed to test whether these goals are achievable through the systems and processes in place. HR Management is responsible ultimately for these systems and processes. The relationship that exists between HR management and the organisation's strategic management team will determine whether these objectives are attainable or not. The role that HR Management plays in the organisation was reviewed. Literature consulted proposed that when HR management took on a strategic role at the formulation stage of strategies, then these organisations were far successful at achieving their goals than organisations that didn't. This only happened when HR management was at a fully integrated level with the strategic management process. The SANRAL organisation was evaluated next, using questionnaires, interviews and a case study approach to collect the data to build a refectory of information. This was done to identify and to determine the role that HR Management played in this organisation. The third step involved analysing this data collected and considering it against the literature reviewed to determine the type of relationship that existed. Evidence pointed to a one-way level relationship between the HR Management and strategic management. The conclusion reached indicated that the role of HR and the processes in place currently was not conducive to successful execution of the organisation's strategies. As a result the organisation's ability to achieve its goals successfully will be affected negatively. Finally, key areas within the organisation were identified that hampered the progress of SANRAL's HR Management to a strategic role, and recommendations were made to address these areas. This would ensure that the organisation would be much more successful in achieving its objectives had it not adopted this role .


Thesis (MBA)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, 2004.


Information management., Human resources., Theses--Business administration.