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The practice of marketing strategies by national fresh produce markets in South Africa.

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Fresh produce markets have long been lauded as a vital yet declining part of the price-determining function and distribution of fresh produce by the agricultural industry in South Africa. However, an investigation carried out by the Section 7 Committee on the Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market in 1998, which is synonymous with all fresh produce markets, clearly indicates the different meaning the word marketing holds for markets as has been defined by many marketing scholars. The research problem in this study identified the need to establish the practice of marketing strategies exercised by national fresh produce markets in South Africa, and to re-evaluate the environment within which these strategies are implemented. A qualitative research study was conducted with twenty two national fresh produce markets in South Africa by means of semi-structured questionnaires that were administered via telephone. A total of two out of the twenty two markets operating in South Africa participated in the study. The data collected from the investigation was successful in indicating the type of marketing strategies the two markets are currently employing. Further to this, the enquiry revealed that national fresh produce markets realise the vital role they play within the South African economy. Thus, they foresee a long and bright future ahead for their existence.


Master of Business Administration. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville 2014.


Marketing--South Africa., Farm produce--South Africa--Marketing., Farmers' markets--South Africa--Marketing., Theses--Business administration.