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Identifying causes of substance use disorder and finding systems of reintegrating patients from Newlands Park Rehabilitation Centre.

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In South Africa, individuals with substance use disorder (SUD) have very limited options in accessing rehabilitation centres and those who have access face a great challenge of maintaining sobriety post rehabilitation, and this has implication for community development. Historically, more emphasis has been put into the scientific aspect of understanding the effects of drugs on the physical being but seeing that the number of substance abusers is increasing, perhaps understanding the causes of SUD and finding their solutions is mandatory. The rehabilitation centres that are under state supervision spend big sums of hard-earned tax payer’s money in rehabilitating patients, however growing relapse rates which is detrimental to development indicates that something needs to be done to better reintegrate the patients back into society. Rehabilitation centres require a deeper inspection concerning the effectiveness of programmes preparing patients for post rehabilitation. This study looked at the nature of SUD in Newlands West and what contributes towards the high rate of relapsing patients from the nearby Newlands Park Rehabilitation Centre. To do this, and to determine the implications there of community development, this study employed a qualitative method and it draws information gathered through in-depth semi-structured interviews that were conducted at Newlands West and Newlands Park Centre from February to March 2018. The goal was to identify the main causes of relapsing patients from Newlands Park Centre and to find solutions that will help to successfully integrate them back into their communities. The study also employed a thematic analysis method where conclusions were drawn from the following themes: General Causes of Substance Use Disorder (SUD); Main Factors Contributing towards SUD; The Community’s Involvement in the Reintegration of Patients; and Overview of Community Participation and its value in SUD Alleviation Programmes.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.