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A critical study of current psychotherapy and christian counselling models : a post-traumatic stress disorder perspective.

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The TRC hearings is the most important form of assessment in the South African social system yet, because it was used as an evaluation of social life and trauma under apartheid. Both victims and perpetrators therefore, took the TRC seriously. The Khulumani support group observes that the TRC achievement in reconciliation and reparation needs further consideration to make proper reparation. The purpose of this study is to understand why political victims are still hurting in post apartheid South Africa. The empirical research comprises of a survey of 10 victims of political trauma. The survey questionnaire solicits information on kinds of trauma, the impact of trauma on individual and community, and the shattering of mental schemas amongst others. The survey revealed that most victims of political trauma are probably females, middle aged and illiterate. These people need to find themselves forms of guidance from older and more experienced victims. In addition, the survey revealed that although the value of psychological help was recognized, most victims did not attend such programs. Victims also said that, "the Government had not recognized their hurts". It can therefore be concluded that the government is still accountable for the state victims are in. The pilot research studies also revealed that the victims' high expectations are measured or based on the material things that they see political leaders having. However, achievement should be consistent with availability of resources, education, and psychological help for the victims themselves. Furthermore, the case stories showed that there are valid problems that these victims continue to experience. There is an urgency for more focused research into parameters that define effectiveness and efficiency in helping political victims in South Africa. Furthermore, it is imperative that the country deliberately increases psychological help. In addition there is a need to increase financial assistance. Finally, it is important to localize support groups, and to develop alternative ways to educate the existing traumatized victims. On this respect Christian Counselling groups may be of assistance.


Thesis (M.A)-University of Durban-Westville, 2005.


Psychotherapy., Pastoral psychology., Pastoral counselling., Theses--Religion., Post-traumatic stress disorder.