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Modular mechatronic CIM control for Internet manufacturing.

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Mechatronics encompass a holistic approach to the design, development, production, maintenance and disposal of complex engineering systems, products and processes. The control and modelling of the manufacturing process are carried out in a networked environment allowing for realistic real time control and simulation. This is achieved through the declarative definition of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) components, the standardisation of CIM interfaces and the object-orientated approach to model development and data management. The development ofthe Modular Mechatronic CIM control system is aimed at intelligently scheduling, controlling and monitoring manufacturing processes in realtime over Internet capable networks. Modular Mechatronics is an alternative design approach that requires the decomposition of a project into separate modules, identifiable by their individual mechatronic functionality. Modular Mechatronic control for Internet manufacturing produces an efficient and effective solution for CIM processes. This approach allows a remote user to monitor and control CIM processes in real time over the Internet allow for a supervisory control structure to control and manage these processes. The modular mechatronic design approach has been applied to the development of the CIM Internet control system, to optimise the overall function ofthe CIM system. A flexible, low cost Modular Mechatronic design approach was used to develop the CIM architecture and computer interface network, which served as the backbone of the Modular Mechatronic CIM control system. The modular designed control system was used to control CIM components in real time over the Internet. The Modular Mechatronic building block development allows for future integration of other CIM components.


Thesis (M.Sc.Eng.)-University of Natal, Durban, 2002.


Mechatronics., Computer integrated manufacturing systems., Manufacturing processes--Automation., Theses--Mechanical engineering.