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An identification of the market needs and wants of undergraduate students with specific emphasis on the cell phone industry.

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This study is focused on the cellular communication needs and wants of undergraduate university and technikon students. The study derived its information from a survey of 224 students who, via a questionnaire, were able to detail their present and future cellular communication needs. Among other findings, the results of this survey, revealed the following: • The undergraduate university and technikon student market is not homogenous • Ninety-three percent of university and technikon students in the sample had access to a cellular telephone • Short Message Services (SMSs) and "Please Call Me" services were frequently favoured and used • The market segment is highly brand conscious, preferring specific branded cellular telephones • Despite having a limited access to disposable income (most of which is provided by their parents), respondents spent between R75 and R1 000 per month on their cellular needs.



Consumer preferences--Durban., Cell phone systems--Marketing., Cell phone services industry--South Africa--Customer services., Theses--Business administration.