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A social and economic geography of Umzinto North.


An attempt is made in this dissertation to ascertain current land use structure and to analyse the development potential of Umzinto North. A comprehensive socio-economic and land use survey was undertaken to establish housing needs, to assess the employment potential, to determine the need for urban amenities and services and to investigate additional, land requirements. The dissertation also tested land use needs in Umzinto North in respect of the cultural perspectives of the Indian community. Final, analysis revealed a range of land use types. There were, however, certain amenities and services which were lacking in terms of their provision and quality. Recommendations regarding these issues have been made. In respect of the issue of land use and cultural values, it was found that the community in Umzinto North is increasingly becoming westernized in its lifestyle and no special, land use needs are required. However, it is suggested that the rigidity in the application of planning regulations must be substituted by a more flexible approach to accommodate the specific requirements of individual, househollds, particularly, in the lower economic strata. It is also strongly recommended that planning authorities encourage public participation in any further planning proposals for the town. In the final assessment it was found that Umzinto North had very limited potential, for growth. Inability to generate employment opportunities could encourage further out - migration which could result in decreased growth rates within the town.


Thesis (M.A.)-University of Durban-Westville, 1981.


Geography, economic--Umzinto, South Africa., Theses--Community development.