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Satellite teachers' centres as agencies for the development of educational technology at schools.

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The study focuses on a partnered facilitation involving teachers, the media and the learner. The implications of educational technology-based strategies of learning and the need for teachers to develop a theoretical framework of understanding educational technology are considered. The partnership between the teacher, the learner and the media are seen as crucial to the implementation and enhancement of educational technology-based strategies of learning. In recommending the need for ongoing, sustained training of teachers in educational technology-based strategies of learning, the study concludes that satellite teachers' centre is indispensable as an agency to drive the entire process forward. In this regard it is considered that satellite teachers' centres have the potential to take the focus of training and development of skills closer to schools and arrange on-site programmes. The large mass of under-qualified and untrained teachers will be able to enhance their educational technology skills to facilitate resource-based learning which is so crucial to the new outcomes based approach to learning and education. South Africa has the media and a large population of learners who are yearning for quality education. In addition, the country has a large store of teachers who are in need of ongoing sustained training in educational technology-enhanced strategies of learning. The study concludes that teachers' centres have been under-utilised and that satellite teachers' centres could operate on a more structured basis in terms of an approved national policy.


Thesis (M.Ed.)-University of Durban-Westville, 1998.


Educational technology., Theses--Education., Teaching--Aids and devices., Instructional Materials Centres.