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The impact of organisational change on staff currently within the registrar's division, University of KwaZulu-Natal.

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Transitional (major) change is occurring more often today than in the past. The University of KwaZulu-Natal has undergone several major changes in recent years, including a merger, restructuring and staff redeployments. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of these changes on staff employed in the Registrar’s Division and to offer recommendations for recovery or improvement, if any. Arising from this aim, the main objectives were to assess specifically the impact on staff morale, perceptions, attitudes as well as the level of communication during the changes. A probability sample of 50 employees was drawn from within the Registrar’s Division. The population size consisted of 200 staff from all sections of the Registrars Division, i.e Legal Services, Student Academic Administration, Information and Communication and Services, Committees Section as well as the Office of the Registrar. A quantitative study was done and data was collected using a questionnaire that was emailed to the sample group. The questionnaire comprised a likert scale consisting of 29 questions. After several attempts, a response rate of only 46% was obtained. An analysis of the data was conducted using SPSS. The findings highlighted deficiencies in staff morale and perceptions as well as communication during the changes. The findings also implied that positive staff attitudes existed within the Division. The primary recommendations made in this study were, that communication must be immediately enhanced at all levels and that the Division has to immediately embark on change management interventions using models of change. It was further recommended that another study be conducted with a much larger sample size to verify these findings. It was also suggested that an inferential analysis be conducted to assess the correlation between communication between change and staff morale and perceptions.


MBA University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban 2012.


University of KwaZulu-Natal -- Employees., Organizational change -- South Africa -- KwaZulu-Natal.