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An analysis of stakeholder participation in community housing in Payneville extension 1, Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality.

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The aim of the study to an analyse stakeholder participation in community housing in Payneville Extension 1, Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality. In South Africa housing delivery is a human right that is considered as a one of the basic services essential for human dignity. During the apartheid era the black majority was excluded from housing delivery and other developments, hence the democratic government embarked on various initiatives as part of redress. This study revealed that community participation is not only essential in housing service delivery, but it is also a determining principle in ensuring quality houses upon which social cohesion and solidarity could be enhanced. It is therefore, crucial that it creates awareness among stakeholders on decisions made in the provision of their housing. study highlighted that when communities participate in a project, they make the stakeholders to be accountable of the housing project and the quality and standards of the houses to be delivered. also highlighted that there is a need to involve the community to a greater extent in decision making and development project in order to increase the degree of trust and avoid confrontations that often times led to the delays and costly incurrences of a project. Although their hindrances to community participation, the study revealed different strategies that could be used to overcome them through the promotion and enhancement community participation. In this instance participants wanted community participation to be the watchdog of the delivery of housing in the study area.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.