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Strategy, structure and style: finding the way forward for professional associations : a case study of a professional association in South Africa and relevance of the application of current business models.

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In this dissertation, we will use the term corporate strategy to describe the processes and practises engaged in to develop a sense of purpose, a set of actions and management plans that add value to the membership of the organisation. We will discuss the role of the non-profit organisation in the business sector, and locate professional associations within the spectrum of social enterprises and non-profit organisations. We will use the language of business models and non-profit models and practises to analyse the direction of professional associations in the global arena, and hope to identify patterns or trends in how these associations are managed in relation to typical business models. We will identify a framework to assist in thinking through the case study under investigation. One such professional association in South Africa will be considered more closely, and critically evaluated against these models. It should become clear that professional associations without a good, clear strategy and structure for managing short-term and long-term goals, has no hope for achieving these goals. It is hoped that on conclusion of this project, a model for strategic planning and implementation in professional associations, and specific recommendations for change for the association under consideration will emerge.


Thesis (MBA)- University of Natal, Durban, 2003.


Professional associations., Strategic planning., Theses--Business administration.