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Singularity and symmetry analysis of differential sequences.

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We introduce the notion of differential sequences generated by generators of sequences. We discuss the Riccati sequence in terms of symmetry analysis, singularity analysis and identification of the complete symmetry group for each member of the sequence. We provide their invariants and first integrals. We propose a generalisation of the Riccati sequence and investigate its properties in terms of singularity analysis. We find that the coefficients of the leading-order terms and the resonances obey certain structural rules. We also demonstrate the uniqueness of the Riccati sequence up to an equivalence class. We discuss the properties of the differential sequence based upon the equation ww''−2w12 = 0 in terms of symmetry and singularity analyses. The alternate sequence is also discussed. When we analyse the generalised equation ww'' − (1 − c)w12 = 0, we find that the symmetry properties of the generalised sequence are the same as for the original sequence and that the singularity properties are similar. Finally we discuss the Emden-Fowler sequence in terms of its singularity and symmetry properties.


Thesis (Ph.D.)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville, 2009.


Differential equations., Riccati equation., Theses--Mathematics.