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A study of the changes in the culture of a company from being product centric to customer centric.

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This study was concerned with the journey that an organisation will need to embark on from being a product centric organisation to becoming a customer centric organisation. The change that is required to become customer centric is about the culture of the organisation that must change, and not the vision and mission statements as published by the senior executive of the company. Customer centricity is the concept where the customer is truly seen to be the most important part of the organisation. The focus of everyone in the organisation is to satisfy the customer in such a way that there will be a mutual beneficial relationship for both parties. Literature research was done to understand what customer centricity means and it was amazing to see the various definitions and information that was available on this topic. Most of the researchers alluded to corporate culture and the readiness and ability to change the culture throughout the whole of an organisation. Afrox identified the need identified to become more customer centric and wanted to know why the delivery of the service offers were not happening. The senior management of Afrox was used in a survey to get their perception of how far the company has moved on the journey to becoming customer centric, and what they would recommend the company should do to becoming customer centric. It was interesting to note that not a single senior manager said that the company was customer centric, although they all agreed that the company was well on the way to becoming customer centric. Since the whole concept of becoming customer centric is now taken up in the strategic plan, business plan, vision and mission statements of Afrox, the study looks at what Afrox can put in place as a result of the research to enable the changes in culture of the employees and culture of the company that will result in a customer centric organisation. It is very clear that this is a long term journey, and that the company may never get to the true text book definition of customer centricity, but the journey is critical for the company to remain competitive.


Thesis (MBA)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, 2005.


Organizational change., Theses--Business administration.