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An investigation into the role perceptions of school governing body and management team members : a case study of a rural primary school : research report.

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Substantially more power has been devolved to schools than ever before and schools are being held more accountable in variety of ways. It is imperative that all stakeholders involved in education including School Governing Bodies and School Management Teams must develop new skills and styles of working. This is a case study of a rural primary school in the Toyota Teach Primary Schools Project (TTPSP). This study examined the extent to which the School Governing Body and School Management Team members of RSP understand their roles and responsibilities and the impact it has on the functioning of the school. Data was collected over a period of several months through observation, conversations and interviews. Collected data was analysed continuously throughout the research process. The responses were grouped into themes and were then checked to ensure the relevance of the emerging patterns. First, findings related to the SGB were presented followed by data related to SMT. This data formed the basis for discussion about the role of SGB and SMT members in the management of schools.


Thesis (M.Ed.) - University of KwaZulu-Natal, 2004.


School management and organization--KwaZulu-Natal., School boards--KwaZulu-Natal., Theses--Education.