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An investigation into the use of video technology in facilitating teaching and learning biology at Inhlanhlayabebhuze and Banqobile high schools.

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The study is focusing on the use of Video Technology in teaching and learning process. This was conducted in rural schools because it has been discovered that most community / rural schools do not have adequate resources, especially the modern technologies that are used by certain schools in modern countries to enhance their teaching and learning process Shellington(1995). The purpose of this study was to find out the general view of learners and educators towards the use of video technology in their schools. Generally it has been discovered that many participants of this study, both learners and educators were very positive towards the use of video technology. Though many participants voted for further usage of videos in future, but there were few discrepancies that were discovered during this study that needs immediate attention so that these schools will benefit a lot in the use of Video Technology in their classrooms. In the conclusion and recommendations of this study it was then recommended that teachers should be empowered in different ways so that they could be able to use this equipment effectively and profitable. Learners showed keen interest in other methods of teaching other than the traditional way of teaching where the teacher stands in front of them and spoon-feed them with information. In this case the researcher of this study therefore recommends that community schools should try to work hand in hand with their communities so as to be able to buy what ever resources they need for their teaching, because some of these modern technology are quite affordable even rural schools can afford them. Again it has been noted that few participants from this study have access to television at their home. In that case it is then recommended such learners should be encouraged to use them on their own at their spare times, because in that way independent learning will be inculcated.


Thesis (M.Ed.)-University of Durban-Westville, 2004.


Theses--Education., Educational technology.