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An analysis of late shipments from South African vendors to EU buyers.

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This dissertation set out to ascertain that a South African vendor, on-time delivery to EU buyers, was unreliable. Late deliveries from South African vendors to EU buyers have led to Kingfisher Sourcing Africa (Pty) Ltd being a volatile sourcing office for the Kingfisher Group. Kingfisher Sourcing Africa (Pty) Ltd need to take considerable measures in determining which South African vendors they source products from in order to determine their success or failure. This research has highlighted the following problem: i. South African vendors are unreliable suppliers. Recommendations derived from this research include: ii. The need to clarify terms and conditions of trade, iii. To ensure Kingfisher Sourcing Africa (Pty) Ltd has a contract in place with South African vendors, iv. To periodically and systematically evaluate South African vendor's : Financial capabilities, Supply chain capacity, Management structure, Product offering mix,


Thesis (MBA)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 2006.


Theses--Management studies., Shipment of goods., Materials management., Business logistics.