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The assessment of KPIs at the ArcelorMittal SA Steel, Vanderbijlpark.

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The concept of performance management is used by most of the organizations to ensure that either they are going on the right path or not. For managing the performance, the organizations are required to know about the performance indicators. This study aimed to investigate the factors that affect employees in meeting their KPIs at Arcelormittal SA steel, Vanderbijlpark. The research design employed in this study was survey research method. Since the complete enumeration survey method of sixty-one participants was chosen for this quantitative study, all sixty-one elements of the targeted population were regarded as participants. Hence the sampling techniques was a census. The researcher used a questionnaire as the primary data collection instrument. The study relied on primary data that was obtained from questionnaires that were distributed to the respondents. The data was analysed using SPSS version 22 and descriptive statistics. Frequency distribution table were used to summarise the data that was received from the respondents. From the findings, the study did establish that KPIs assist in implementing the strategic goals of a company; increases per capita efficiency; effectively motivates employees as well as promotes and enhances the performance levels of both the company and its employees. The study concludes that KPIs are the foundation of performance management system with the purpose of KPIs being to translate corporate strategy into internal activities and processes in order to unceasingly boost the core competitiveness of companies as well as to gain admittance to sustainable development. The study recommends that in order to measure the performance of companies and to apply benchmarking, one has to firstly establish appropriate KPIs as these KPIs are ever so vital in determining the all-inclusive success of the company. This is because KPIs are compilations of data measures that are utilized to gauge the performance of a company because KPIs play a major role in supplying information with regards to the performance of projects, tasks and companies.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.