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Exploring experiences of teachers leading teaching and learning in the era of advanced technology: a case study of teachers in two rural schools.

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The aim of the study was to explore the experiences of four teachers leading teaching and learning in the presence of technology in rural setting at UMkhanyakude district. This study aimed to understand how these teachers cope with teaching experiences under this context. Yet, rural context is known for lagging behind in terms of technology. This study intends to find the experience of teachers under this context. This includes the success and challenges. Again, study intended to find the role played by teaching in leading teaching. Also, how are these teachers devised strategies resulted from challenges they experienced. In order to understand this study of teachers leading teaching in the presence of technology, transformational leadership and teacher leadership theory was used to strengthen the study. With regard to methodology, interpretive paradigm was used and is subjective to person life experiences. Again, the study adopted case study research methodology which form the guideline to engage with the experiences of teachers leading teaching and learning in rural settings. Two methods were used to generate data, namely semi-structured interviews as primary source and classroom lesson observation as secondary source. The participants interview was recorded, transcribed before analysed. The transcribed are analyse and put thematic to respond to the research questions. The teachers teaching in rural context were found in this study doing some attempts in order to lead teaching with technological resources in their school. These attempts were planned strategies that respond to challenges they experience. Among the challenges they experience include shortage of devices; time as a factor hindrance them for leading teaching in the manner they planned; poor signal and teacher lacking skills. Moreover, these teachers were not tempted by the challenges instead certain measures were done to provide quality learners learning. Finally, study indicated two rural schools where data was generated. These schools were chosen according to availability of technology under the context.


Masters Degree. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban.