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Role of small-scale sugercane farmers in local economic development of the Darnall (KwaDukuza) Region.

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The local economy of Darnall is dominated by the sugar industry. Sugarcane cultivation and sugar production are the largest employers in the area. The research explores the contribution of small-scale sugarcane farmers on the LED of the Darnall area. The study was inspired by the Gijima KZN investment into the rehabilitation of small-scale sugarcane farms, for the promotion of LED in Darnall. The research objectives and research questions, explore the role of role small-scale sugarcane farmers in the LED of Darnall; the sustainability and implementation challenges experienced by the small-scale sugarcane farmers that impact on LED and LED strategies. The study was qualitative in nature, with a constructivism as the underpinned research paradigm. The focus group discussions were the employed data collection method. The research findings indicate that small-scale sugarcane contribute positively to the LED of Darnall, LED officials from local government agencies lack the knowledge and understanding on the subject of LED, local government does not have a uniquely adopted LED strategy but rather rely on the provincial and national’s governments LED strategy. It could be concluded that small-scale sugarcane farmers have a positive contribution on the LED of the Darnall area in direct and indirect ways.


Master of Commerce in Leadership Studies. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Westville 2015.


Economic development--South Africa--KwaDukuza., Community development--South Africa--KwaDukuza., Sugarcane industry--South Africa--KwaDukuza., Local government--South Africa--KwaDukuza., South Africa--Economic conditions., Theses--Leadership and management., Darnall, KwaDukuza.