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A sociological study investigating the interface between the governance of democracy and traditional leadership in rural development : a case study of Emaqadini tribal authority.

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The study focuses on the interface between the democratic governance and traditional leadership in rural development at EmaQadini Tribal Authority. The study tries to explore whether this institutions can or are suitable enough to function collaborate in developing rural communities. A combination of sociological classical theories has been used since they are interrelated. The data from the two communities forming this tribal authority (ward 3 and ward 59) was collected by means of questionnaires and an interview schedule was administered to the two councilors of the wards. The results and findings that, is there any development in these communities at the hands of these institutions are also presented. The main conclusion of the study relates to whether is there any role of traditional leadership in rural development in the new democratic dispensation. The recommendations of the study focus on the connection between the government and traditional leaders in rural development.


Thesis (M.A.)-University of KwaZulu-Natal, 2004.


Community leadership--South Africa., Traditional leadership--South Africa., Democracy and traditional leadership--South Africa., Theses--Development studies.