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The need and process for change from a management to a leadership culture in organisations.

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Leadership and management can and should be differentiated. The differentiation gives insight in the nature of organisational practices, dynamics and cultures. By differentiating between management and leadership the need for leadership development to compliment the well established training practices of management skills and techniques, becomes clear. The focus on leadership development can furthermore be seen in the context of new challenges that organisations have to face. Challenges that need to be understood in a global context as well as new thinking paradigms that emerged in recent years . A holistic and transdisciplinary approach is followed in researching the challenges. Systems and complexity theories are essential to new understanding of organisational dynamics and change. The psychological dimension of working practices as a legacy from the industrial age is also reviewed in the study. The need to overcome the fragmentedness that we suffer from in the modern world is recognised. The research was taken to the practice field where interview data was collected. Here, the focus was on the experience, or lack of it, of leadership with regard to various processes in organisations. The need for leadership development and a process to facilitate such development came out strongly in the quantitative research. Promotion and successful development of leadership will, in the end, have an impact on the organisational culture. The process that is proposed for such development and change make use of the theories that are highlighted in the study. Concepts that are central to the study are: Holism, process, relationships, leadership development and culture.


Thesis (M.B.A.)-University of Natal, Durban, 2003.


Corporate culture., Organizational behaviour., Leadership., Theses--Business administration.